Welcome to ACCAC
L'associació de Cases de Colònies iAlbergs de Catalunya (ACCAC) is a joint project, made possible through the initiative and steadfastness of its partners, all professionals in the entertainment and leisure, managers or owners of holiday centres or youth hostels.
Since 1986, ACCAC works to ensure the recognition and disclosure of leisure activities and the colonies and the educational values that transmit.
Promotes the youth holiday centres as a privileged places to share and live together. Also provides advice, services and support to the Holiday Centers and youth hostels associated.
We're 85 associated centres, with diverse and complementary profiles and manners, in which any group, school, leisure club or family can find what they need: training, hiking, adventure, farm, seas, rest ...
Our Information and Booking Centre will help you to find the best Holiday Centre for your stay. We've an enthusiastic and professional team who will support you on your search. We speak French and English.

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