Guàrdia Lada

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Register number of Youth Facilities in Catalonia: CC000142

La Guàrdia Lada is a summer and holiday camp establishment in the naturalcounty of Baixa Segarra, in the township of the same name. The centre is housedin the old Rectory beside the Church of Santa Maria and at the foot of iconiceleventh-century La Guàrdia Castle, now in ruins.
The house has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and provides leisureactivities for all ages, unforgettable walks along paths in Segarra county,adventures, contact with nature and excellent cuisine, all made using naturallocal products.
We have more than 40 years experience of providing accommodation andactivities for visitors to La Guàrdia Lada, and we want to continue making ourguests stay something they will remember with particular pleasure. Ourgreatest wish is that you will leave with the intention of coming back one day.


Services and facilities

Total places Total places: 86 
Simultaneous dining places Simultaneous dining places: 86 
Accessible places  Accessible places : 4 
Adapted bathroom Adapted bathroom: 1 
   4 bedrooms sleeping 12
   2 bedrooms sleeping 10
   3 bedrooms sleeping 6
Multi-use rooms
   Multi-use room: 20m2+20m2
   Multi-use room: 30m2
Accommodation only Accommodation only 
Use of kitchen Use of kitchen 
Full board Full board 
Swimming pool Swimming pool 
Heating Heating 
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 
Sound system Sound system 
Projector Projector 
Pets Pets 
Public transport nearby Public transport nearby: Bus from Cervera 
Other descriptions Other descriptions:
- Accessible Centre with wide doors on the bedrooms and single beds. Swimming pool with hydraulic chair lift.
- Outdoor space covered with 40m2
- Multi-purpose room
- Leisure areas

- Covered games area with taps and washing places to enjoy activities with water, and wash and hang clothes to dry. 


Activities and resources


Emotional learning
Environmental education
Prehistory and history
Popular culture
Trades and traditions
Synthesis credits
Food processing

Programme and outings

This section is under construction. Please contact the site itself or ACCAC if you need information about the programme of activities


Main distances

from Barcelona: 105,00 km
from Girona: 197,00 km
from Tarragona: 70,00 km
from Lleida: 72,00 km

Transport and services

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Contact person: Jordi Campos
Telephone no. 1: +34 690 614 012
Email address: [email protected]
Address: Cr. del Castell, 1 La Guàrdia Lada - Segarra
Postcode: 25217 Lleida
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